Hobby: Runebearer & Testors

Posted: Wednesday, August 11, 2010 by Kinsman in Labels: ,

I've been slowly getting the ball rolling with my Trollbloods. My initial list is the battle box with a Fell Caller Hero and a Runebearer. This isn't a tactics article so I'll pass on the reasoning behind a Runebearer for Madrak. Let's just say I'm trying out the new Trollblood toys!

I've had a bit of an issue transitioning from 40k painting to Hordes painting. It's much more organic and fluid. It's also a lot harder to use an airbrush with most of the Trollbloods. So I went to my local art supply store and decided to experiment.

click for larger pic
First up, Testors Gray Primer. I normally prime with my airbrush using Gesso. It's awesome stuff. However, it's just not as practical to prime and paint 2 models at a time using an airbrush. When I'm assembly-line painting a 10-man assault squad and a Land Raider the airbrush is a God-send. So I used this Testors Gray Primer. I'm not sure about the 'enamel' part. Are there other options here? Not sure. Anyways, results...

I like the look here. The consistency got me a bit nervous at first, but the paint went on smoothly and covered nicely. Here is the primed Runebearer.
does this gray make me look fat?

Not bad, honestly. Once I started painting the actual figure, I realized that the sticky feel of the Testors seemed to help getting the paint on there. I screwed up a bit on the color scheme, I was trying to follow the Privateer pics. I didn't realize that his belt was made of brass or bronze, so mine has leather there as well.

I didn't go nuts on the blending, mainly because it's just not something I've had a lot of practice with - there's only so much you need to do with power armor. Flowing robes, blue skin, stone tablets - all very different. Overall this was a fun test and I think I'm ready to hit Madrak and Doomshaper, along with the rest of the battle box Trolls.
I come bearing Runes!