Two Words

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...Devlan Mud

I used to wash metallics in badab black, but lately I've been using Devlan Mud and I like the results a lot more. The image is a bit washed out (crappy iPhone camera) but the results are subtle and less jarring than with the badab. Try out and see what you think...

Hobby: Runebearer & Testors

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I've been slowly getting the ball rolling with my Trollbloods. My initial list is the battle box with a Fell Caller Hero and a Runebearer. This isn't a tactics article so I'll pass on the reasoning behind a Runebearer for Madrak. Let's just say I'm trying out the new Trollblood toys!

I've had a bit of an issue transitioning from 40k painting to Hordes painting. It's much more organic and fluid. It's also a lot harder to use an airbrush with most of the Trollbloods. So I went to my local art supply store and decided to experiment.

click for larger pic
First up, Testors Gray Primer. I normally prime with my airbrush using Gesso. It's awesome stuff. However, it's just not as practical to prime and paint 2 models at a time using an airbrush. When I'm assembly-line painting a 10-man assault squad and a Land Raider the airbrush is a God-send. So I used this Testors Gray Primer. I'm not sure about the 'enamel' part. Are there other options here? Not sure. Anyways, results...

I like the look here. The consistency got me a bit nervous at first, but the paint went on smoothly and covered nicely. Here is the primed Runebearer.
does this gray make me look fat?

Not bad, honestly. Once I started painting the actual figure, I realized that the sticky feel of the Testors seemed to help getting the paint on there. I screwed up a bit on the color scheme, I was trying to follow the Privateer pics. I didn't realize that his belt was made of brass or bronze, so mine has leather there as well.

I didn't go nuts on the blending, mainly because it's just not something I've had a lot of practice with - there's only so much you need to do with power armor. Flowing robes, blue skin, stone tablets - all very different. Overall this was a fun test and I think I'm ready to hit Madrak and Doomshaper, along with the rest of the battle box Trolls.
I come bearing Runes!

Hobby: Brisbane

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Marcus Brisbane, the toughest looking Warcaster Privateer has released, ever!

Lots of fun to paint, though I am now wondering if the rest of my Cygnar force will handle this paint style. Well, either way, I'm committed to the look!

Immoren Calls!

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Time to really separate my Warmachine/Hordes hobby from that other gaming system. Simply put, from here on out, this blog will focus on my Trollbloods and Cryx and Cygnar (oh, my!) and sons of thunder will remain my 40k blog.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the ride!